Tech compensation in Europe is a taboo. Let's change this.

The same role can pay 2-4x more at different companies in tech. However, it's extremely hard to tell which companies pay more, and which pay less. I'm building this site to democratize access to compensation information in Europe for anyone in tech.

I've been a hiring manager in the UK and the Netherlands, working at companies like Uber and Skyscanner. I saw how the tech market is becoming increasingly trimodal in compensation.

But how much do specific companies pay in Europe? How is compensation structured? What benefits do they offer? If we had access to this information, it would make job hunting and offer negotiation much easier. I would know - as I helped several people in tech negotiate up to €45,000 more per year in compensation at big tech companies. Negotiation is much easier when you know how high you can reasonably go up to - which is what this site helps with.

The site is built with anonymous compensation sharing in mind. I know that many people are uncomfortable sharing compensation that can identify them. For example, if you're the only person with a specific title at a small company, you can be identified easily if you share your data. This is why you can choose to anonymize the data you share: meaning details on company name or title are only shown if multiple people from the same company or same title share their compensation.

This site is focused on Europe because this is the market I know very well, and because I found no good tech compensation sites for Europe. European compensation is different from US or other regional ones in many ways, and this site attempts to capture all of this.

The site is work in progress and being built by Gergely Orosz. If you have thoughts or feedback, please send it to hello (at) .

Let's change the information asymmetry for compensation. When no one shares their salary, employers have the upper hand. We can change this.